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Welcome to Stratego Consulting International
your trusted partner in unlocking your full potential and achieving your personal and professional goals. Stratego believes everyone has the capacity for greatness, and our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive landscape. With a team of experienced advisors and consultants, we provide tailored solutions to help you navigate challenges, maximize opportunities, and drive sustainable growth. Whether you are looking to enhance leadership skills, improve team dynamics, or elevate performance, we are here to support your every step. Join us on a transformative journey towards your success with Stratego Consulting International Inc.
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Darcee D. McJannet

Founder & CEO


Global Thought Leader, 3X Best Selling Author, Work-Life Rebalance Authority, Influencer of Influencers, Leadership Advisor, Purpose Driven Humanitarian & Social Impact Entrepreneur. Darcee is a Wife, Mother, Advocate for Global Peace & Human Rights, Champion to Empower Women in Leadership & Entrepreneurism


Darcee D. McJannet is the CEO & Founder of Stratego Consulting International Inc.

She created a socially conscious company that deeply cares about healing humanity & building a better world for future generations. Stratego's philosophy is about a socially conscious culture that places "People & Planet before Profit". 

If you care for the people, the rest will take care of itself. 


We are mission driven and our purpose is to build community through developing strong healthy humans. 

As a social impact company, we prioritize doing work that consciously, systemically & sustainably serves the greater good. We believe entrepreneurship is the answer to solving many of the world's problems at a local  & global level.


Darcee is a top work-life rebalance authority, harnessing over 30 years of experience in human development, achievement & behavioural analytics. As a dynamic & multi-talented visionary in “transitional leadership," her focus integrates key areas of advising clients - executive, leadership, life coaching & work-life rebalance.


Darcee's life work & philosophy are based on a holistic rebalance approach, integrating your mind, body, & soul. 

Her mission is to empower individuals to create a better world while becoming better human beings. Darcee is highly effective in transforming individuals to transcend into their life purpose & become the best version of themselves.


Darcee is a Visionary & Global Thought Leader, Certified International Coach, 3X Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Forward Thinker. She is a lifelong learner and dedicated to exceptionalism, which is why she has been trained & mentored by the World's Best, Top Ranked Gurus. 


The media refer to her as the “Leadership Diva," as she places a different spin on relevant topics with style and substance. Her unique gift as an empath combines her analytical approach & heightened intuition to help others produce incredible insights & accelerate transformation. As a high-level professional advisor and strategic problem solver, she uses cutting edge methods for gap analysis & collapsing time frames to render sustainable results. 


As a Global Thought Leader and social media influencer, Darcee strives to make a positive global difference by creating socially conscious content. Her diverse experience includes strategic analysis, leadership development, personal & professional advisory coaching, life management, organizational restructuring/development, strategic/succession planning, change management, business process improvement, human capital management, employee development, training & facilitation. 


She's attained a double major degree in Business Administration & Political Science.  Darcee has spent years of extensive research and wrote a thesis dissertation on “Corporate Wellness” for her MBA in human capital management & motivational factors of individuals/corporations. She has interviewed hundreds of professionals to track success & achievement patterns and habits in human development. 


Her experience involves entrepreneurism, leadership development, human resources,  operations management, sales & business development, client relationship management, account management, recruitment/retention, and training/facilitation. As a Regional Director to IBM, she consulted and successfully led cross-functional teams and effectively oversaw the Western Canadian operations and region. 


Darcee is dedicated to lifelong learning and holds numerous certifications and received professional media training by one of Oprah's producers in New York.


She has presented for academic institutions and national media on personal & professional development issues. Her diverse business background and entrepreneurial experience have provided exposure to a variety of business sectors: Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Investment, IT, Finance, Consulting, Legal, Accounting, Health Care, Property Management, Manufacturing, Energy, Government, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Academic, Entrepreneurism Start-ups, Venture Capital, Private, Public, Non-Profit and Outsourcing sectors.  


Darcee’s tenacious and energetic personality, coupled with her determination to see others succeed, adds value to both the individual and the organization. She effortlessly navigates complex relationships and manages strategic outsourcing partnerships for advisory coaching & consulting practices. Her strong collaborative approach and open facilitative style, focus on achieving results and influence.

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